Content Overview


This section provides details on how we write for different use cases, whether they be help articles (see Writing Help Articles) or user interface (UI) content (see UX Writing Content Guidelines). In addition, we provide General Writing Standards, which provide a comprehensive set of rules to follow when creating all types of content.

Mission Statement

To create user-friendly and consistent content that helps our customers to achieve exceptional health and safety work practices.


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Overall Context

With every piece of content we publish, we aim to empower, educate, guide and inspire our customers.

To achieve those goals, we must ensure our content is:

  • Clear. The writer should understand the topic they are writing about and be able to communicate this using simple words and sentences.
  • Useful. Before you start writing, ask yourself: What purpose does this serve? Who is going to read it? What do they need to know?
  • Friendly. Write like a human. Don’t be afraid to break a few rules if it makes your writing more relatable. All of our content should be warm and human.
  • Appropriate. Write in a way that suits the situation. Adapt your tone depending on who you’re writing for and what you’re writing about.


The following sections are found below: